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Elopements & Intimate Weddings



Well, greetings! What a pleasant surprise to find you here! It seems like congratulations are in order as you prepare for a wedding day centered entirely around you and your love—an undoubtedly fantastic experience.

Now, let's dive into the details. If you're on this page, it means you've streamlined your list of essential vendors to those truly significant. Much like myself, you've likely concluded that authentically preserving your memories ranks among the most crucial aspects of your wedding day (next to, of course, tying the knot with your special someone).

 This is where I step in—a seasoned wedding photographer fully committed to fulfilling every need of my couples. While you may be eschewing the conventional, logistics are undoubtedly still on the agenda. I'm here to guide you through every step, from handling park permits to wedding and day-of planning, and coordinating with other vendors.

Moreover, as a Leave No Trace Photographer, I am deeply dedicated to safeguarding the beautiful Earth we inhabit and create upon. If you're seeking to distill your day to its essence, you've found the right place. And if you're in pursuit of stunning, joy-filled, lifelong images, rest assured, you're still in the perfect spot.

There’s an assumption that if you aren’t doing the traditional wedding, you’re somehow missing out on “the good stuff”. And don’t get me wrong, I am a BIG FAN of all things traditional—there is so much beauty to it! But y'all, take a look at these INSANE destination elopements I’ve had the privilege of capturing. If you’re obsessing over these photos like I am, send me a message—let’s connect!

We have one big daydreaming session… get ready to spill every location you have in mind—I’m also here to help you narrow your options down if needed. I’ve hiked, biked, and photographed in COUNTLESS national and state parks—if you can dream it, I can find it… Let’s bring your vision to life!

the fun begins..


Kylee + Lucus 

Kylee and Lucus planned a cute little elopement in GA at Toccoa Falls, it was absolutely adorable and sweet to enjoy the love they have with their family. 

Destination Intimate Wedding: Full Day 

I notice you, scrolling through these galleries, picturing yourself on that mountaintop a year from now, exchanging vows with the love of your life. You're lost in blissful daydreams when the realization hits—how in the world are you going to orchestrate an entire elopement on your own? The answer is simple: you're not. By choosing me as your photographer, you're not just securing stunning photos in breathtaking locations. I'm here to assist every step of the way. While the world is our oyster, I've navigated its paths enough to know precisely where to find the pearls, and I'm eager to guide you straight to them. Here's a sneak peek into what our collaboration will entail...

Destination Elopement: Full Day 

The couple that wants it all.. what I mean by that was her DRESS! Gabby went all out on her little elopement with just the two of them on the side of a tiny mountain in the middle of the desert( Insert heart eyes) 

TJ + Gabby 

Destination Elopement: Half Day 

Skyler + Jason was a dream.. they decided to elope on the courthouse steps at 5:30am to get this beautiful sunrise! 100% worth the early morning with this classic car,

Skyler + Jason 


Package options

Let’s chat about what your intimate wedding day is going to look like (hint: whatever you want). Generally, my couples choose elopement or intimate destination wedding packages that cover either a half day or a full one. If you’re here from the traditional weddings page, good to have you! If not, allow me to reiterate—an intimate wedding ceremony is defined as having less than 20 guests (including your bridal party). Curious about my specific package and planning offerings? Reach out below to receive more details in my pricing guide.

Inquire about your Adventure 

Now it’s time for the best part to begin. Did I mention you’re not doing this alone? Here are a few things I’ve helped my clients with in the past: location scouting, vendor coordination, transportation, brainstorming/implementing unique adventures, and literally whatever else you can think of. Now for my planners, I see you, in the background, wondering if we’re a good fit… because you LOVE logistics and don’t want my assistance with anything. My friend, I’m here for that as well. I will help as much and as little as you wish. No matter what, I’ve got your back. I do not take the responsibility of coordinating your dream day lightly.

 & Coordinating 


It's time! 

Let's Celebrate!

YOUR WEDDING DAY! The one we have planned and prepared for! OH WAIT... It's gets better...THAT SAME NIGHT, I'm sending over 10 images from your wedding. I insist on doing this for every couple- not only to genuinely thank y'all for placing trust in me..buttttt who doesn't want to see some of their wedding pictures immediately!1 I know I would! 

Travel Dates 


I'm a nature-holic at best. I absolutely love outdoors and seeing new places, exploring is a hobby for me and I can't wait to go where I am this year! These specific locations I have carved out time for extra things! So if you see a location and want to shoot! Let's chat! 

April 2024 - Charleston,SC
May 2024 - Glasglow, Scotland
May 2024 - Tuscany, Italy 
May 2024 - Barcelona , Spain 
May 2024 - Paris, France 
June 2024 - Frankfurt, Germany 
June 2024 - Duluth, Minnesota
October 2024 - O'Fallon, Missouri 


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